Welcome to Puzzles of Wood! 

Let me first say hello and welcome you to our store.
We at Puzzles of Wood are very excited to show you our Handmade 3D Wooden Puzzles!

Why choose Puzzles of Wood?

Wooden Puzzles have been around forever but you will never have seen a puzzle like this.
Every puzzle is laser cuted out from wood into different, unique pieces.
No piece is the same and that is why these puzzles are so unique and different from any other regular puzzles.

Every piece is filled with amazing and vivid colors so you will have a colorful puzzle at the end.
Our puzzles look great and they last for years!

You will be going on a journey to find the missing pieces to assemble your puzzle.
It might be difficult at the beginning to put your puzzle together, however after a while it will get easier and become satisfying.

Our puzzles are great for exercising your brain, problem solving and for a wonderful educational experience.
At the end you will want to have another one and have fun putting it together alone, with friends or family.
It is the perfect gift for everyone and some of our puzzles come in a nice gift box!

We have an exclusivly partnership with Woodbests, so don't be surprised that you received a box with their logo on it ;-)
Prices are the same on both sites, mine is with tax and shipping included, on Woodbests that is added at the checkout.

If you have some questions, please do not hesitate to reach out via the contact page.

We will get back to you ASAP.

Thank you for visiting our store!

Puzzles of Wood team

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